Monday, May 30, 2011


Some readers might have noticed a change in this blog’s title [1]. I thought Mexico Noir was a bit too narrowly focused, and that Caffè Noir would be a good choice as it's a nice umbrella for various arts and cultural topics, and combining as it did three of my favorite things, coffee, film noir and the whole coffee house gestalt with all its attendant associations. The process also led me to some revealing literature on the mysteries of blog titles and what makes them work, or not. BTW I was a little surprised to find that Caffè Noir apparently has not been used as a blog title -- touch wood.

I’m not a film scholar scholar but I have my favorites and like writing about them, so as before most of the posts will be on film noir with perhaps an emphasis on Mexican films from the Golden Age. 

[1] There have also been some fairly significant layout/design changes, though I'm still fussing over the blog's exact look. I switch back & forth between a dark background as befits the blog's title, and a white backdrop, which is easier to read. As a compromise I may ultimately settle on some shading of gray. In either case the http address will remain the same :